Conditional cash transfers (CCTs) and Poverty Alleviation: A comparative study between Jamaica and Tanzania


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Oslo and Akershus University College

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Master in International Social Welfare and Health Policy


Due to the increased family poverty, Jamaica and Tanzania, among other strategies, decided to introduce the Conditional Cash Transfers programs (CCTs) in reducing the magnitude of poverty for marginalized groups. Jamaica introduced the Program of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH) in 2002 to address poverty among the young and the elderly in rural areas, among female-headed households and among large families. Tanzania under Tanzania Social Action Fund phase one (TASAF 1) established the Community-Based Conditional Cash Transfers Program in 2008 to alleviate poverty among the marginalized groups. It is against this background that this study was formulated to review literature on the role played by Conditional Cash Transfers in the process of poverty alleviation, which focused on most vulnerable children in both countries. The study focused on Conditional Cash Transfers to poor families living with most vulnerable children succeeded in investing in human capital using the capability approach in breaking down the intergenerational cycle of poverty. The study found that, the provision of Conditional Cash Transfers enabled poor families to increasingly enrolling their school going children as well as paying visits to health centres. However, these results cannot sufficiently explain the final outcomes (achievements) in schools. For instance, the capacity of children to get high scores and proceedings to the next class and their health status could have been explained by other factors than the CCTs. The study also found that the targeting strategies used in these programs are inadequate since some of the most vulnerable children like, street children, are not living with families. However, since donor driven programs lead to weak implementation, for these programs to maintain sustainability, both countries should increase social protection budgets and involve communities to full participation from the beginning to the post completion follow up to check on the quality of services provided.


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