Comparative Evaluation of Accessibility and Learnability of Learning Management Systems: Case of Fronter and Canvas


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Communications in Computer and Information Science;Volume 851


Springer Verlag

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Learning Management systems (LMSs) are becoming integral parts of the teaching and learning process in higher learning institutions. As they are sup-posed to be used by students who are diverse in terms of ability/disability, gender, learning style, experience, and other factors, they must be designed to be acces-sible and learnable to all to the extent possible. Several studies have looked into accessibility and usability of LMSs employing different techniques. This study aims to contribute to the existing body of knowledge by providing the user’s per-spective. The OsloMetropolitan University is in the process of replacing the LMS Fronter with Canvas. In this study, eighteen students at who have access to the two LMSs have been contacted to evaluate the learnability and accessibility of both LMSs though task-based interviews and justify whether Canvas was the bet-ter choice. The findings show that there are aspects where one LMS is better than the other. The paper thus concludes by providing pointers that could be important to ensure accessibility and learnability of LMSs during their implementation.




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