Community based research - A case study of ontological dynamics in developmental collaboration with rural women in Karamoja


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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

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Master i flerkulturell og internasjonal utdanning


In this dissertation, I discuss the collaboration between a Development Intervention and rural communities in Karamoja. I have explored how rural Karamajong women experience this intervention´s existence in their everyday life. Karamoja has the lowest literacy rate, school attendance and access to health service in Uganda. Together with women from a rural community in Kotido, we have tried to investigate possible approaches which can improve the cooperation between the outside initiatives and the rural communities. This study is guided by an indigenous research framework and the objectives and primary methods are chosen together with these women as co-investigators. The element of time has been a priority, whereas the period of investigation for this dissertation was extended from two and a half months to 14 months. The discussion and analysis of our findings illuminate how the element of time challenges a common understanding motivations and aims between rural communities and the outside initiative takers. A suggestion for further research or possible cooperation between outside initiatives and rural communities in Karamoja is thus to prioritize time to allow the rural communities to participate equally in project development and implementation.




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