Classification of BIM-based model checking concepts


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International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction Preprint:

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This paper proposes a framework for classification of Building Information Model (BIM) checking concepts . Alt hough BIM - based model checking (BMC) and similar ter m s are widely use d , there is a lack of joint understanding of the different types of checking and the use of terms. The study uses a n ontological approach to develop a framework with the intention to clas sify unique concepts of BMC. T he f ollowing concepts for BMC w ere identified : A) Compliance checking solutions, separated into : 1 ) Validation checking and 2 ) Content checking, and B) Design solution checking, s eparated into: 3 ) Smart objects checking and 4 ) Design option checking . A ll concepts are presented with principles and examples , and as L inked D ata with RDF - graph. The impact of th is overview can contribute to improved understanding of BMC, improved understanding and clarification of expectations , and joint terms for common use .




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