Can Motivational Operations Explain Nudging: Can Nudging Increase Hospital Visitors Hand Hygiene Compliance

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OsloMet - storbyuniversitetet. Institutt for atferdsvitenskap

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Master i læring i komplekse systemer


Healthcare-associated infections affects hundreds of millions of patients worldwide every year. Most of these infections are preventable. Hospital visitors interact with the same patients as health personnel a can be carriers of infections. This study was a conceptual replication of a Danish study that increased hospital visitor’s use of hand disinfectant from 3 percent to 67 percent. The replication study took place in Rikshospitalet University hospital with N=390 over a three-week period. The nudges were based on following principles from behavioral economics; make it easy, attract attention, use social norms and find the best timing. Nudge 1 was the placement of a free-standing hand sanitizer next to a hospital ward, nudge 2 and nudge 3 had a red sign placed on the top of the hand sanitizer with a descriptive normative or an injunctive normative message. The result for Nudge 1 was 7 percent compliance, for Nudge 2; 46 percent compliance and for nudge 3; 40 percent compliance. The study confirms that nudges can improve hospital visitors hand hygiene compliance. The study is important because it can help prevent suffering and deaths caused by hospital infections. The results of this study indicate that it is not enough to make a good choice easily available and timely when it is unable to attract attention and communicate a message




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