Blodgiverens interne dyrespråk: hvordan skape motivasjon slik at blodgivere blir lenge hos blodbanken?


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Institutt for produktdesign

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Master i produktdesign


Today hospitals don´t manage to registered new blood donors at the same speed as the increase in the need of blood products. Therefore, Norwegian blood banks have to drain blood donors more time than other countries we can compare ourselves with. The increase will be greater when we get a larger share of our population is older, and at the same time there are being born too few children in the country today. The Red Cross are working systematic to enlist new blood donors, but there is little that is designed to those who already are donors. Through literature study, there has been found that one major problem is that the various blood banks in the country don´t cooperate. When for example a blood donor are moving from one city to another one, the have to notify the blood bank themselves. Other examples of different obstacles is the quarantine due to the strict rules that are in Norwegian blood banks, or big life changes that all people at some time faces (family life or moving). All these examples may lead to using less time on reflecting and taking time to donating blood, and motivation can deteriorate. Since, today there is much work done on actively to recruit new blood donors, but not on how to retain blood donors this has become the field in this thesis. The methods that have been used to find different motivations and examples of what might motivate, is literature review, in-depth interviews and field studies. Through literature study there was found a thesis written in 2001, by sociologist Aksel H. Misje, where he charted four levels of motivation: Value, Social, Esteem and Understanding. It turned out that donors were within one or more of these levels of motivation. Whoever the one that was highest rated was value, aiming to altruistic and empathy basis. This proves that blood donors give blood to help the recipient of the blood. These four levels have been used in-depth interviews and concept development. The solution to this project are targeting existing blood donors. Where there will be created an additional motivaton during the blood donation process. The conlution to this project and the consept was that the blood bank creates som additonal touchpoints out to donor, by sending an e-mail and a package in the mail between the two donations, so after the last blood donation. These touchpoints are to get the blood donors to be more aware of the blood donation and remember that they are a donor, at the same time as the live their lives with big or small life changes. The concept also plays on effects that make the theme fun (blood donation), then this can be a sad theme also. The reason for that is to remove the blood donors from the product blood when it can be uncomfortable during dontaion. The consept is to make the donors forget this feeling, and focusing on the part where they are helping others. In this way one can create an proximity between donor and recipient.


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