Augmented Reality in science education – affordances for student learning


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Nasjonalt senter for naturfag i opplæringen (Naturfagsenteret), Universitetet i Oslo

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Most extant studies examining augmented reality (AR) have focused on the technology itself. This paper presents findings addressing the issue of AR for educational purposes based on a sequential survey distributed to 35 expert science teachers, ICT designers and science education researchers from four countries. There was consensus among experts in relation to a focus on ‘learning before technology’, and they in particular supplemented affordances identified in literature with perspectives related to interactivity, a creator perspective and inquiry based science. Expert reflections were condensed into innovative dimensions in a framework with nine continua. The framework can be used to illustrate how, and to what extent, an innovative educational perspective, such as that focusing on engaging learners in creating and/or inquiring can be addressed in a particular AR design, and is in the paper exemplified for use in both analysis of existing educational AR and in design of new second-generation AR.




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