An efficient particle swarm optimizer with application to Man-Day project scheduling problems


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Mathematical problems in engineering;


Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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The multimode resource-constrained project scheduling problem (MRCPSP) has been confirmed to be an NP-hard problem. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) has been efficiently applied to the search for near optimal solutions to various NP-hard problems. MRCPSP involves solving two subproblems: mode assignment and activity priority determination. Hence, two PSOs are applied to each subproblem. A constriction PSO is proposed for the activity priority determination while a discrete PSO is employed for mode assignment. A least total resource usage (LTRU) heuristic and minimum slack (MSLK) heuristic ensure better initial solutions. To ensure a diverse initial collection of solutions and thereby enhancing the PSO efficiency, a best heuristic rate (HR) is suggested. Moreover, a new communication topology with random links is also introduced to prevent slow and premature convergence. To verify the performance of the approach, the MRCPSP benchmarks in PSPLIB were evaluated and the results compared to other state-of-the-art algorithms. The results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm outperforms other algorithms for the MRCPSP problems. Finally, a real-world man-day project scheduling problem (MDPSP)—a MRCPSP problem—was evaluated and the results demonstrate that MDPSP can be solved successfully



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