Ambideksteritet i kreative prosjektbaserte selskaper - En komparativ casestudie av hvordan norske TV-produksjonsselskaper organiserer seg i møte med disrupsjon


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OsloMet - Storbyuniversitetet

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Master i økonomi og administrasjon


This thesis contributes to the organizational theory on ambidexterity by looking at whether Norwegian creative project oriented companies are able to, and if so, how they combine exploration and exploitation meeting major technological changes in the industry. The study illustrates how Norwegian TV-production companies seem to organize to survive these changes. We approached this study with an qualitative research design, and the method used is a comparative case analysis. The study is based on two Norwegian TV-production companies which are very similar, but differs when it comes to business idea. Our collected research data consists of seventeen semi-structured interviews and observations from these two companies. This study suggests that creative project oriented companies may benefit from using a combination of different types of ambidexterity. Companies with high focus on exploration seem to benefit most by using a combination of sequential and contextual ambidexterity, while companies with high focus on exploitation seem to benefit most by using a combination of sequential and structural ambidexterity. For businesses, it will useful to keep these results in mind, since all companies most likely have or will experience disruption.




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