Administration of remote computer networks


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Høgskolen i Oslo. Avdeling for ingeniørutdanning

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Master i nettverks- og systemadministrasjon


Today's computer networks have gone from typically being a small local area network, to wide area networks, where users and servers are interconnected with each other from all over the world. This development has gradually expanded as bandwidth has become higher and cheaper. But when dealing with the network traffic, bandwidth is only one of the important properties. Delay, jitter and reliability are also important properties for the quality of network connection. This is because different applications has different needs, and therefore require different properties from the network. System administrators are in an increasing degree involved with the troubleshooting of solving network problems concerning the quality of service for the different applications. This thesis analyzed techniques for measuring, analyzing, presenting and interpreting the different properties for the administration of remote computer network. In this way system administrators can benefit from this thesis when administrating their remote computer networks.


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