A Tool for Sourcing Sustainable Building Renovation: The Energy Efficiency Maturity Matrix


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The success of sustainable building renovation is inevitably dependent on the capabilities of the involved stakeholders throughout the entire project. Therefore, any building client with intentions of sustainable building renovations must reflect on sourcing the adequate capabilities for a sustainable renovation project. The question in focus is: how to facilitate a sourcing strategy for energy-efficient sustainable building renovation and maintenance. This study on energy efficiency implementations shows that even in developed countries like Sweden, where energy efficiency is regulated by the EU, national legislation and other public policies, the municipal facilities management organizations need process guidance to navigate in decisions regarding in-house capabilities and collaboration with external service providers. A dialogue tool for the sourcing process, the energy efficiency maturity matrix, is developed to support future sourcing processes for energy-efficient buildings as a prominent part of the broader field of sustainable building renovation and maintenance. The future will show when building clients to a larger extent will embrace sourcing strategies instead of mainly focusing on specific technical improvements. The new International standards for facilities management (ISO18480 series) might support this change process, as it includes a sourcing approach, from a strategic level to an operational level, to add more value and to optimize costs.




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