A seat inspired by a traditional symbol from Ghana


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Høgskolen i Akershus

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Master i produktdesign


This research project focused on developing a seat inspired by a traditional symbol from Ghana. A number of traditional symbols in Ghana were identified out of which three symbols were selected upon interest. The meanings and socio-cultural contexts of the three symbols were investigated towards identifying product possibilities. A seat was then developed based on one of the symbols. A report was then built documenting the process. Two propositions were put up: (i) analysis of traditional symbols from Ghana provides product ideas; and (ii) traditional symbols from Ghana can provide inspiration for creating a seat. The analysis of the selected symbols provided varied product possibilities and inspiration which answered the propositions. The application of the meanings from the chosen symbol brought motivation to develop a seat that facilitates interconnectedness among friends and family members participating in an informal gathering, especially at home or its environs. The investigator used the representative single case study (Yin, R. K, 2009), the Vision in Product design (ViP) approach (Hekkert and van Dijk, 2001) and participatory design (Sanders & Stappers, 2008). Cardinal findings/results of this study were the identification of six major groups of traditional symbols from Ghana, the development of a seat that facilitates interconnectedness based on the link or chain symbol, and this report that documents the process. A principal recommendation from this research project is further research into a seat(s) based on interconnectedness that are shaped in a circular fashion so that the last connects to the first, completing a circle of friends or family members


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