A qualitative study of women’s experiences of living with COPD


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Aim: To explore women’s experiences of living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at home. Design: An explorative and descriptive qualitative design. Methods: A consecutive sample of nine women with COPD living at home. Data were collected in 2014 using semi-structured interviews and analysed using a qualitative content analysis. Results: Three main themes were identified: having a good life with COPD despite limitations; predictability and confidence in getting help; and the struggle to achieve a balance between insight and compliance with management of COPD. These women experienced limitations related to the traditional female role and felt unable to fulfil their own expectations. They experienced a good life despite limitations arising from adaptation and coping strategies. To feel safe, they needed to feel confident that they would receive the necessary help in case of exacerbation of their disease. To enhance compliance with COPD management, the women wanted education that provided specific suggestions.




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