A Multifunctional mobile application for people diagnosed with mild dementia


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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

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Master in Universal Design of ICT


With the popularity of mobile positioning navigation application software, these applications provide a lot of help for our lives. But for people diagnosed with dementia, it is easier to lost themselves, so they need a navigation application to improve their quality of life. Many of the current navigation applications have complex interface, cumbersome operating procedures, hug system and a lot of functions, not suitable for people diagnosed with dementia. This study is mainly to develop a suitable mobile navigation application for dementia users. This study uses user-centered method and usability testing methods. This research was conducted through four main phases, which were (1) user requirement study, (2) design, (3) development, and (4) user testing. In the study of user needs, this paper adopts the focus group interview and the semi-structured questionnaire to explore the real needs of users. In the continuous iterative development process, the user was involved in the prototype testing. Through the final user test, we found that users have a great interest in using and learning this application.




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