60 Days of sharing: A Distribution of Artistic products On The Online Gallery; Instagram


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Oslo and Akershus University College

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Master i estetiske fag


This thesis will study a distribution of artistic products on the social network of Instagram. Through artistic and scientific reflections the project looks at how the online photo-sharing network shapes an artist’s feed and how a viewer reacts and participates towards a work of art. This theoretical angle will function as a base from which I execute and evaluate the practical part -the artworks- of the thesis that takes place on the Internet; mainly on the social network Instagram. In the course of the project, which consists of 60 days of sharing artistic material on Instagram, log writing and contextualizing, I will also consider the cultural tendencies on Instagram; Hashtags, Likes, followers, @s, and the moral does and don’ts of the network. This has been documented through the logs that I have recorded everyday, together with the post of that day. The content of the posts being shared varies from day to day, but a commonality for them all will be the artistic facture. There are planned series of works that will inspect different ways of sharing in form, context and media related manners.


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