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When is it OK to be drunk? Situational and cultural variations in the acceptability of visible intoxication in the UK and Norway

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Urban landscapes of adolescent substance use

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Migration and asylum statistics as a basis for European border control

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Longitudinal associations between late-life depression dimensions and cognitive functioning: a cross-domain latent growth curve analysis

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How demographic patterns and social policies shape interdependence among lives in the family realm

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Family Carers of People with Young-Onset Dementia: Their Experiences with the Supporter Service

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Informal eldercare and care for disabled children in the Nordic countries: prevalence and relation to employment

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Is video gaming, or video game addiction, associated with depression, academic achievement, heavy episodic drinking, or conduct problems?

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Binge drinking, cannabis and tobacco use among ethnic Norwegian and ethnic minority adolescents in Oslo, Norway

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Transition from school-based training in VET

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Relational aggression among boys: blind spots and hidden dramas

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Sustainable welfare in the EU: Promoting synergies between climate and social policies

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School enrolment following multisystemic treatment: A register-based examination among youth with severe behavioural problems

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Openness in Scandinavian Classrooms: Student Perceptions of Teaching Practices and High Achievers of Civic Knowledge

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Changing Welfare Institutions as Sites of Contestation

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Adolescent Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking: An 18-year Trend Study of Prevalence and Correlates

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From cannabis to problem drinking? Use and abuse from youth to adulthood

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Adult children of parents with young-onset dementia narrate the experiences of their youth through metaphors

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Understanding the increase in parents’ involvement in organized youth sports

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Den norske velferdsstaten: En sosial investeringsstat?

Schøyen, Mi Ah (Universitetsforlaget 2016-01-01)