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Contesting the Boundaries between Civil and Religious Marriage. State and Mosque Discourse in Pluralistic Norway

Bredal, Anja (Brill Academic Publishers 2018-09-23)

Social class differences in youths’ participation in organized sports: What are the mechanisms?

Andersen, Patrick Lie, Bakken, Anders (SAGE Publications 2018)

Trust, Cultural Health Capital, and Immigrants' Health Care Integration in Norway

Næss, Anders (SAGE Publications 2018-09-10)

Street food as an ethnic border: Kebab as a symbol of home among young Swedish migrants in Oslo

Tolgensbakk, Ida (Anthropology of Food 2018)

Regional variation in health care utilization in Sweden - The importance of demand-side factors

Johansson, Naimi, Jakobsson, Lars Niklas, Svensson, Mikael (BMC 2018-06-04)

Policy guidelines for effective inclusion and reintegration of people with chronic diseases in the workplace: national and european perspectives

Vlachou, Anastasia, Stavroussi, Panayiota, Roka, Olga, Vasilou, Evdokia, Papadimitriou, Dimitra, Scaratti, Chiara, Kadyrbaeva, Asel, Fheodoroff, Klemens, Brecelj, Valentina, Svestkova, Olga, Tobiasz-Adamczyk, Beata, Finnvold, Jon Erik, Gruber, Sonja, Leonardi, Matilde (MDPI 2018-03-11)

Innovation and network leadership: The bureaucracy strikes back?

Haug, Are Vegard (IOS Press 2018-08-20)

Early school leaving in the care population - Differences by county of origin

Dæhlen, Marianne, Rugkåsa, Marianne (Wiley 2018-05-11)

Spousal Loss and Change in Cognitive Functioning: An Examination of Temporal Patterns and Gender Differences

Wörn, Jonathan, Comijs, Hannie, Aartsen, Marja (Oxford University Press 2018-09-14)

Workplace adaptations promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in mainstream employment: A case-study on employers' responses in Norway

Kuznetsova, Yuliya, Cerdeira Bento, João Paulo (Cogitatio Press 2018-05-17)

Do terrorist Attacks Affect Ethnic Discrimination in the Labour Market? Evidence from Two Randomised Field Experiments

Birkelund, Gunn Elisabeth, Chan, Tak Wing, Ugreninov, Elisabeth, Midtbøen, Arnfinn Haagensen, Rogstad, Jon (Wiley 2018-01-24)

Aging and Health Care Costs

Karlsson, Martin, Iversen, Tor, Øien, Henning (Oxford University Press 2018-10)

Rights and Professional Practice: How to Understand Their Interconnection

Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir (Palgrave Macmillan 2018-08-31)

Same but different: Polish and Norwegian parents' work–family adaptations in Norway

Bjørnholt, Margunn, Stefansen, Kari (SAGE Publications 2018-03-21)

Agency and flexible support in transition from care: Learning from the experiences of a Norwegian sample of care leavers doing well

Bakketeig, Elisiv, Backe-Hansen, Elisabeth (Taylor & Francis 2018-09-11)

Digitalized Discharge Planning between Hospitals and Municipal Health Care

Hellesø, Ragnhild, Gautun, Heidi (IOS Press 2018)

Development of loneliness in midlife and old age: Its nature and correlates

von Soest, Tilmann, Luhmann, Maike, Hansen, Thomas, Gerstorf, Denis (American Psychological Association 2018-10-04)

Young councillors — influential politicians or youth alibi?

Winsvold, Marte, Ødegård, Guro, Bergh, Johannes ( 2018)

The impact of community-based interventions for the older population: a quasi-experimental study of a hip-fracture prevention program in Norway

Øien, Henning, Jakobsson, Niklas, Bonander, Carl (BMC 2018)

Personsentrert omsorg i praksis: Fire perspektiver på støttekontakttjenesten i demensomsorgen - en case studie

Thorsen, Kirsten, Johannessen, Aud (Septentrio Academic Publishing 2018)