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Developers' price setting behaviour in urban residential redevelopment projects

Barlindhaug, Rolf, Nordahl, Berit Irene (Emerald 2018)

Planning for Polycentricity. The Development of a Regional Plan for the Oslo Metropolitan Area

Bergsli, Heidi, Harvold, Kjell Arve (Göteborgs Universitet, Förvaltningshögskolan 2018)

Health promotion at local level in Norway: The use of public health coordinators and health overviews to promote fair distribution among social groups

Hagen, Susanne, Øvergård, Kjell Ivar, Helgesen, Marit Kristine, Fosse, Elisabeth, Torp, Steffen (Kerman University of Medical Sciences 2018)

Rural Municipalities and Change in Local School Structure: Comparing Room of manoeuvre among Rural Municipalities in Latvia and Norway

Supule, Inese, Søholt, Susanne (Taylor and Francis 2018-06-12)

Avtalt selvbosetting blant flyktninger og det norske bosettingsregimet

Henningsen, Erik, Søholt, Susanne (Universitetsforlaget 2018-11-28)

Multilevel networks for climate change adaptation – what works?

Hauge, Åshild Lappegard, Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær, Flyen, Cecilie (Emerald 2018)

Local leadership in climate change policies

Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær, SWIANIEWICZ, Paweł, Lackowska, Marta (Babes Bolyai University 2018-02-26)

Organisere for organiseringens skyld. Kultursamverkansmodellen og organisasjonsreformenes rolle i nordisk kulturpolitikk.

Henningsen, Erik, Blomgren, Roger (Universitetsforlaget (Scandinavian University Press) 2017)

Urban Development in Rio de Janeiro During the 'Pink Tide': Bridging socio-spatial divides between the formal and informal city?

Sørbøe, Celina (Palgrave Macmillan 2018)

The Role of Information and Knowledge in Achieving Environmentally Sound Farming: A Chinese Case

Orderud, Geir, Vogt, Rolf David, Tan, Hongze, Luo, Jing (World Scientific Publishing 2017)

Planlegging for risikosamfunnet: Hvordan fungerer flomsonekart med klimapåslag som kunnskapsoversettelse?

Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær (Fagbokforlaget 2018)

"Until People Start Dying in Droves, No Actions Will Be Taken": Perception and Experience of HIV-Preventive Measures among People Who Inject Drugs in North-Western Russia

Meylakhs, Peter, Aasland, Aadne, Grønningsæter, Arne Backer (BioMed Central 2017)

The Russian pension system under quadruple influence

Cook, Linda S., Aasland, Aadne, Prisyazhnyuk, Daria (Taylor & Francis (Routledge) 2017)

Russian pension reform: Why so little engagement from below?

Aasland, Aadne, Cook, Linda S., Prisyazhnyuk, Daria (Centre for Social Research (CISR) 2017)

Facilitating labour migration from Latvia: strategies of various categories of intermediaries

Zabko, Oksana, Aasland, Aadne, Endresen, Sylvi Birgit (Taylor & Francis (Routledge) 2017)

Budsjettprosesser og budsjettdisiplin - en studie av norske kommuner i perioden 2002-2007

Monkerud, Lars Chr., Tjerbo, Trond (The Norwegian Medical Society 2017)

Saving Newborn Babies – The Benefits of Interventions in Neonatal Care in Norway over More Than 40 Years

Grytten, Jostein Ivar, Monkerud, Lars Chr., Skau, Irene, Eskild, Anne, Sørensen, Rune Jørgen, Saugstad, Ola Didrik (Wiley 2017)

Rights, identities and belonging: Reflections on the everyday politics of urban citizenship in Delft, Cape Town

Millstein, Marianne (Taylor & Francis 2017)

“You are Responsible for Your People”: The Role of Diaspora Leaders in the Governance of Immigrant Integration in Russia

Berg-Nordlie, Mikkel, Tkach, Olga (The George Washington University 2016)

Should I stay or should I go: The role of Colombian free urban housing projects in IDP return to the countryside

Sliwa, Marcin, Wiig, Henrik ( 2016)