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Assessing severity in pediatric pneumonia. Predictors of the need for major medical interventions

Berg, Are Stuwitz, Inchley, Christopher, Fjærli, Hans Olav, Leegaard, Truls Michael, Nakstad, Britt (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins 2017)

Clinical features and inflammatory markers in pediatric pneumonia: a prospective study

Inchley, Christopher, Fjærli, Hans Olav, Leegaard, Truls Michael, Lindbæk, Morten, Nakstad, Britt (Springer 2017-03-09)

Optimal conventional mechanical ventilation in full-term newborns: A systematic review

Solberg, Marianne Trygg, Solevåg, Anne Lee, Clarke, Sara (Lippincott, Williams, Wilkins 2018-12)

Preserved endothelial function in young adults with type 1 diabetes

Heier, Martin, Espeland, Cathrine Nygaard, Brunborg, Cathrine, Seljeflot, Ingebjørg, Margeirsdottir, Hanna Dis, Hanssen, Kristian Folkvord, Fugleseth, Drude Merete, Dahl-Jørgensen, Knut (PLOS 2018-10-25)

Childhood Fat and Lean Mass: Differing Relations to Vascular Structure and Function at Age 8 to 9 Years

Sletner, Line, Mahon, Pamela, Crozier, Sarah R., Inskip, Hazel M., Godfrey, Keith M., Chiesa, Scott, Bhowruth, Devina J., Charakida, Marietta, Deanfield, John, Cooper, Cyrus, Hanson, Mark ( 2018-08-30)

Pulseless electrical activity: A misdiagnosed entity during asphyxia in newborn infants?

Patel, Sparsh, Cheung, Po-Yin, Solevåg, Anne Lee, Barrington, Keith J, Kamlin, C. Omar Farouk, Davis, Peter G., Schmölzer, Georg Marcus (BMJ Publishing Group 2018-06-12)

A review of oxygen use during chest compressions in Newborns-A meta-analysis of animal data

Garcia-Hidalgo, Catalina, Cheung, Po-Yin, Vento, Máximo, O´Reilly, Megan, Saugstad, Ola Didrik, Schmölzer, Georg M. (Frontiers Media S.A. 2018-12-18)

Chest Compression Quality in a Newborn Manikin: A Randomized Crossover Trial

Solevåg, Anne Lee, Cheung, Po-Yin, Li, Elliott, Xue, Sarah Zhenchun, O'Reilly, Megan, Fu, Bo, Zheng, Bin, Schmölzer, Georg (IEEE Press 2018-09-04)

Anti-inflammatory MicroRNAs and their potential for inflammatory diseases treatment

Tahamtan, Alireza, Teymoori-Rad, Majid, Nakstad, Britt, Salimi, Vahid (Frontiers Media S.A. 2018-06-25)

Optimal chest compression rate and compression to ventilation ratio in delivery room resuscitation: Evidence from newborn piglets and neonatal manikins

Solevåg, Anne Lee, Schmölzer, Georg M (Frontiers Media S.A. 2017-01-23)

Optimizing home hospital health service delivery in norway using a combined geographical information system, agent based, discrete event simulation model

Viana, Joe, Ziener, Vigids Margrethe, Ponton, Irene Gynnild, Holhjem, Marita Sommer, Thørgersen, Lisa Johanne, Simonsen, Tone Breines (IEEE Press 2018-01-08)

Right and left ventricular function in hospitalized children with respiratory syncytial virus infection

Horter, Thorsten, Nakstad, Britt, Ashtari, Omid, Solevåg, Anne Lee (Dove Medical Press 2017-11-07)

Vitamin D levels during pregnancy and associations with birth weight and body composition of the newborn: A longitudinal multiethnic population-based study

Eggemoen, Åse Ruth, Jenum, Anne Karen, Mdala, Ibrahimu, Knutsen, Kirsten Irene Valebjørg, Lagerløv, Per, Sletner, Line (Cambridge University Press 2017-04-14)

Evidence on Adrenaline Use in Resuscitation and Its Relevance to Newborn Infants: A Non-Systematic Review

Pinto, M, Solevåg, Anne Lee, O´Reilly, Megan, Aziz, Khalid, Cheung, Po-Yin, Schmölzer, Georg M (Karger 2016-12)

Early warning- and track and trigger systems for newborn infants: A review

Mortensen, Nicolay, Augustsson, Johan Henrik, Ulriksen, Jorunn, Hinna, Unni Tveit, Schmölzer, Georg M. (SAGE 2017-01-19)