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The hiatus in global warming and interactions between the El Niño and the Pacific decadal oscillation: Comparing observations and modeling results

Seip, Knut Lehre, Wang, Hui (MDPI 2018-09-04)

Redningsarbeid ved snøskredulykker

Prestrud, Cecilie (OsloMet - storbyuniversitetet. Institutt for produktdesign 2018)

Carbon dioxide precedes temperature change during short-term pauses in multi-millennial palaeoclimate records

Seip, Knut Lehre, Grøn, Øyvind, Wang, Hui (Elsevier 2018-06-19)

Cycles in oceanic teleconnections and global temperature change

Seip, Knut Lehre, Grøn, Øyvind (Springer 2018-06-11)

Kunsten i aksjonsforskning

Berg, Arild (Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2017)

Joint Energy-Efficient Cooperative Spectrum Sensing and Power Allocation in Cognitive Machine-to-Machine Communications

Pham, Hai Ngoc, Zhang, Yan, Skeie, Tor, Engelstad, Paal E., Eliassen, Frank (IEEE 2016)

Does employees’ compensation vary with corporate profit?

Seip, Knut Lehre, McNown, Robert (Elsevier 2015-04)

Stories from a Geisha: Den stygge Andy

Hovda, Remi Johansen (Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus 2015)

Det er ikke godt å si – om tilblivelser i Anne Biringvads malerier

Gunnerød, Sissel (InFormation - Nordic Journal of Art and Research 2014)

Scenography in the staging / on the Stage / in the Mind of the Audience

Christensen-Scheel, Boel, Pettersen, Anette Therese, Lindgren, Christina (Taylor & Francis 2013-09-24)

Monetary policy and stability during six periods in US economic history: 1959–2008: a novel, nonlinear monetary policy rule

Seip, Knut Lehre, McNown, Robert (Elsevier Inc. 2012-04-03)