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Relating to the individual's level of consumption: An indicator of ecological footprint

Skjerven, Astrid, Øvrebekk, Nikolai (The Design Society 2017)

Engagement by lamination of autopoietic concentric interaction systems in games: A study of football and Pokemon GO

Gulden, Tore (Open Science Center, University of Jyväskylä 2018)

Tweaking interaction through understanding the user

Daae, Johannes, Boks, Casper (Routledge 2017-08-23)

Norway-UK Comparative Analysis of Sustainability in Design Education

Pavel, Nenad, Emilene, Zitkus (The Design Society 2018)

Co-creation in professional craft practice

Groth, Camilla, Berg, Arild (Design Research Society 2018-01-01)

Parametric design thinking about digital and material surface patterns

Lyche, Wenche, Berg, Arild, Andreassen, Kristin ( 2018)

Carousel: A study on collaboration within a small international design community of practice and its impact on delivering 'one week' exchange experiences

Stoltenberg, Einar, Firth, Richard, Taks, Michael (The Design Society 2017)

Values of crafting in design education.

Heimer, Astrid Maria, Andreassen, Kristin, Haugen, Sigrid (The Design Society 2017)

Game dynamics in design - a process to achieve creative agency (to give people achance)

Sjøvoll, Vibeke, Gulden, Tore (The Design Society 2017)

Extending Product Affordances to User Manuals

Pavel, Nenad, Zitkus, Emilene (The Design Society 2017)

How Designers Learn

Pavel, Nenad (The Design Society 2017)

Experiences from implementation of sustainability in a civil engineering course at the University of Agder

Svennevig, Paul Ragnar, Hjelseth, Eilif (The Design Society 2017)

Dimensions of sustainable behaviour in a circular economy context

Daae, Johannes, Chamberlin, Lucy, Boks, Casper (IOS Press 2017)

Co-creation in Service Design; a master’s study on how to achieve sustainable services

Larson, Helena, Berg, Arild (The Design Society 2017)

Digital Drawing Demystified: Exploring a Creative Zone of Proximal Development

Seiersten, Nils, Berg, Arild (The Design Society 2017)

Empowerment through Product Design: Digital textile pattern design for grip development in healthcare

Lyche, Wenche, Berg, Arild (The Design Society 2017)

Solving the Grand Challenges Together: A Brazil-Norway Approach to Teaching Collaborative Design and Prototyping of Assistive Technologies and Products for Independent Living

Sandnes, Frode Eika, Medola, Fausto Orsi, Berg, Arild, Rodrigues, Osmar Vicente, Mirtaheri, Peyman, Gjøvaag, Terje (The Design Society 2017)

The Potential for a Critical Design Approach to Create Innovation within the Construction Industry through Participatory Design Workshops

Münster, Sunniva (The Design Society 2016)

The Nature as an Inspiration to Encourage Users to Extend the Life of Packaging

Johansen, Linn Victoria, Berg, Arild (The Design Society 2016)

Designing for Small Bathrooms

Sivertsen, Arnt Kåre, Berg, Arild (The Design Society 2016)