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Statistics-IDE: Supporting the design of empirical experiments for non-experts during early stages of research projects

Sandnes, Frode Eika, Eika, Evelyn (Springer Verlag 2018-12-31)

Automatic Optical Inspection of Solder Ball Burn Defects on Head Gimbal Assembly

Ieamsaard, Jirarat, Muneesawang, Paisarn, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer Verlag 2018-02-23)

Towards a framework for the design of quantitative experiments: Human-computer interaction and accessibility research

Sandnes, Frode Eika, Eika, Evelyn, Medola, Fausto Orsi (Springer Verlag 2018-06-05)

Multi-switch scanning keyboards: A theoretical study of simultaneous parallel scans with QWERTY layout

Sandnes, Frode Eika, Eika, Evelyn, Medola, Fausto Orsi (Springer Verlag 2018-06-05)

Improving the robustness to input errors on touch-based self-service kiosks and transportation apps

Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer Verlag 2018-06-26)

Do Norwegian academics who publish more earn higher salaries?

Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer Verlag 2018-01-21)

An image-based visual strategy for working with color contrasts during design

Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer Verlag 2018-06-26)

Exploring learning behavior transformation patterns in an AR English system: A study of gender differences

Huang, Yu-Che, Wu, Ting-Ting, Huang, Yueh-Ming, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer Verlag 2018-09-06)

Exploration of computational thinking based on bebras performance in webduino programming by high school students

Chen, Jian-Ming, Wu, Ting-Ting, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer Verlag 2018-09-06)

Towards a Hybrid Cloud Platform Using Apache Mesos

Xue, Noha, Haugerud, Hårek, Yazidi, Anis (Springer Verlag 2017-06)

Deep learning with cellular automaton-based reservoir computing

Nichele, Stefano, Molund, Andreas (Complex Systems Publications Inc 2017)

Tangible User Interface for Social Interactions for the Elderly: A Review of Literature

Bong, Way Kiat, Chen, Weiqin, Bergland, Astrid (Hindawi 2018)

Reservoir Computing Using Nonuniform Binary Cellular Automata

Nichele, Stefano, Gundersen, Magnus Skogstrøm (Complex Systems Publications Inc 2017)

Detection of DNS tunneling in mobile networks using machine learning

Do, Van Thuan, Engelstad, Paal E., Feng, Boning, Do, van Thanh (Springer Verlag 2017)

Universal design of user Interfaces in self-driving cars

Ferati, Mexhid, Murano, Pietro, Giannoumis, G. Anthony (Springer Verlag 2017)

Exact Solutions of the Field Equations for Empty Space in the Nash Gravitational Theory

Aadne, Matthew Terje, Grøn, Øyvind (MDPI 2017-02-14)

Hadoop mapreduce scheduling paradigms

Johannessen, Roger, Yazidi, Anis, Feng, Boning (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2017)

Two-timescale learning automata for solving stochastic nonlinear resource allocation problems

Yazidi, Anis, Hammer, Hugo Lewi, Jonassen, Tore Møller (Springer Verlag 2017)

Cost efficient batch processing in amazon cloud with deadline awareness

Tamrakar, Kabin, Yazidi, Anis, Haugerud, Hårek (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2017)

Orchestrating Resource Allocation for Interactivevs. Batch Services using a Hybrid Controller

Ahmad, Bilal, Yazidi, Anis, Haugerud, Hårek, Farokhi, Soodeh (IEEE conference proceedings 2017)