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Sensor Event Prediction using Recurrent Neural Network in Smart Homes for Older Adults

Casagrande, Flavia Dias, Tørresen, Jim, Zouganeli, Evi (IEEE 2018)

Occupancy and daily activity event modelling in smart homes for older adults with mild cognitiveiImpairment or dementia

Casagrande, Flavia Dias, Zouganeli, Evi (Linköping University Electronic Press 2018)

3D printing in medical application: an educational design perspective

Mirtaheri, Peyman, Güler, Evin, Gjøvaag, Terje (The Design Society 2017)

Towards Effective Automatic Feedback for Simulator Training

Marcano, Laura, Yazidi, Anis, Ferati, Mexhid, Komulainen, Tiina M. (Linköping University Electronic Press 2017)


Güler, Evin, Andersson, Anders-Petter, Mirtaheri, Peyman, Gjøvaag, Terje (The Design Society 2017)

Wafer-level Au–Au bonding in the 350–450 ◦C temperature range

Tofteberg, Hannah Rosquist, Schjølberg-Henriksen, Kari, Fasting, Eivind Johan, Moen, Alexander Stene, Taklo, Maaike Margrete Visser, Poppe, Erik, Simensen, Christian Julius ( 2014)

Virtual Reality Simulators in the Process Industry. A Review of Existing Systems and the Way Towards ETS

Cibulka, Jaroslav, Komulainen, Tiina M., Mirtaheri, Peyman, Nazir, Salman, Manca, Davide (IEEE 2016)

Experiences and trends in control education: a HIOA/USN perspective

Komulainen, Tiina M., Alcocer, Alex, Haugen, Finn (IEEE 2016)

How extreme environments can impact the training of industrial operators

Manca, Davide, Nazir, Salman, Komulainen, Tiina M., Øvergård, Kjell Ivar (The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering 2016)

Constructive Assessment Method for Simulator Training

Marcano, Laura, Komulainen, Tiina M. (IEEE 2016)

Experiences and Trends in Control Education: A HiOA/USN Perspective

Komulainen, Tiina M., Alcocer, Alex, Haugen, Finn (IEEE 2016)

Erfaringer med studentaktive læringsformer i teknologirikt undervisningsrom

Komulainen, Tiina M., Lindstrøm, Christine, Sandtrø, Tengel Aas (Universitetsforlaget 2015)

A Review of the Role of the Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide in Mechanically Loaded Tissues: The Canary in the Cage Singing in Tune with the Pressure Ulcer Mantra

Mirtaheri, Peyman, Gjøvaag, Terje, Worsley, Peter R., Bader, Dan L. (Springer 2014-12-23)

Large-scale training simulators for industry and academia

Komulainen, Tiina M., Løvmo, Torgeir (Linköping University Electronic Press 2014)

Project-based learning in programming classes the effect of open project scope on student motivation and learning outcome

Zouganeli, Evi, Tyssø, Veslemøy, Feng, Boning, Arnesen, Kjell, Kapetanovic, Nihad (Elsevier 2014)

Hydrogen Bonding in the Gas-Phase – The Molecular Structures of 2-Hydroxybenzamide (C7H7NO2) and 2-Methoxybenzamide (C8H9NO2), obtained by Gas-Phase Electron Diffraction and Theoretical Calculations.

Aarset, Kirsten, Page, Elizabeth M., Rice, David A. (American Chemical Society 2013-03-13)

Integrating commercial process simulators into engineering courses

Komulainen, Tiina M. (Elsevier 2013)

Economic benefits of training simulators

Komulainen, Tiina M., Sannerud, Roy, Nordsteien, Bjarne, Nordhus, Håvard (Gulf Publishing Company 2012-12)

Experiences on dynamic simulation software in chemical engineering education

Komulainen, Tiina M., Enemark-Rasmussen, Rasmus, Sin, Gürkan, Fletcher, John P., Cameron, David (Elsevier 2012-12)

Oxygen Uptake and Energy Expenditure during Treadmill Walking with Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) Shoes

Gjøvaag, Terje, Dahlen, Ingar, Sandvik, Håkon, Mirtaheri, Peyman (Society of Physical Therapy Science 2011)