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Classification of BIM-based model checking concepts

Hjelseth, Eilif (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction Preprint: 2016)

Exploring a simple visualization tool for improving conceptual understanding of classical beam theory

Johnsen, Eivind, Nielsen, Magnus, Hjelseth, Eilif, Merschbrock, Christoph (Elsevier 2016-12)

A Review of Building Information Modelling for Construction in Developing Countries

Bui, Nam, Merschbrock, Christoph, Munkvold, Bjørn Erik (Elsevier 2016-12)

Acceptance of construction scheduling visualizations: bar-charts, flowline-charts, or perhaps BIM?

Rolfsen, Christian Nordahl, Merschbrock, Christoph (Elsevier 2016-12-02)

Serious games as a virtual training ground for relocation to a new healthcare facility

Merschbrock, Christoph, Lassen, Ann Karina, Tollnes, Tor, Munkvold, Bjørn Erik (Emerald 2016)

Effect of span length on behavior of MRF accompanied with CBF and MBF systems

Kioumarsi, Benyamin, Kheyroddin, Ali, Gholhaki, Majid, Kioumarsi, Mahdi, Hooshmandi, Sheida (Elsevier 2017)

Need for further development in service life modelling of concrete structures in chloride environment

Markeset, Gro, Kioumarsi, Mahdi (Elsevier 2016)

Effect of pit distance on failure probability of corroded RC beam

Kioumarsi, Mahdi, Markeset, Gro, Hooshmandi, Sheida (Elsevier 2017)

Making education on sustainable community planning tangible

Rydningen, Ulf, Rolfsen, Christian Nordahl (WIT Press 2016)

Analytical study of building height effects over Steel Plate Shear Wall

Kioumarsi, Benyamin, Gholhaki, Majid, Kheyroddin, Ali, Kioumarsi, Mahdi (Taiwan Association of Engineering and Technology Innovation 2016)

BIM technology acceptance among reinforcement workers - the case of Oslo airport's terminal 2

Merschbrock, Christoph, Rolfsen, Christian Nordahl (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction 2016-03-01)

Solution selection in digital construction design a lazy user theory perspective

Merschbrock, Christoph, Tollnes, Tor, Rolfsen, Christian Nordahl (Elsevier 2015)

Circumventing obstacles in digital construction design - a workaround theory perspective

Merschbrock, Christoph, Figueres, Alejandro (Elsevier 2015)

Verification of simple illuminance based measures for indication of discomfort glare from windows

Karlsen, Line Røseth, Heiselberg, Per, Bryn, Ida, Johra, Hicham (Elsevier 2015-06-02)

Occupant satisfaction with two blind control strategies: Slats closed and slats in cut-off position

Karlsen, Line Røseth, Heiselberg, Per, Bryn, Ida (Elsevier 2015-03-12)

Performance analysis of roof-mounted photovoltaic systems The case of a Norwegian residential building

Madessa, Habtamu Bayera (Elsevier 2015-12)

Integrating BIM and gaming to support building operation: the case of a new hospital

Merschbrock, Christoph, Lassen, Ann Karina, Tollnes, Tor (Nokobit 2014)

Quantum optimal control theory applied to transitions in diatomic molecules

Lysebo, Marius, Veseth, Leif (American Physical Society 2014-12-29)

Areal til skapende lek, læring og utforskning i barnehagen

Fønnebø, Bente, Rolfsen, Christian Nordahl (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences 2014-01-13)

Molecular hyperfine parameters in the 1 3Su+ and 1 3Sg+ states of Li2, Na2, K2 and Rb2

Lysebo, Marius, Veseth, Leif (EDP Sciences 2013-07)