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CFD study on the effect of Archimedes number and heating rate on the thermal stratification of aventilated office

Rabani, Mehrdad, Madessa, Habtamu Bayera, Nord, Natasa (Linköping University Electronic Press 2018)

Educational Challenges in Computer-based Finite Element Analysis and Design of structures

Plevris, Vagelis, Markeset, Gro (Science Publications 2018-10-26)

Computational structural engineering: Past achievements and future challenges

Plevris, Vagelis, Tsiatas, George C. (Frontiers Media 2018-04-10)

Where the Gaps Lie: Ten Years of Research into Collaboration on BIM-Enabled Construction Projects

Oraee, Mehran, Hosseini, Reza, Namini, Saeed, Merschbrock, Christoph (UTS ePRESS 2017-03)

VOC emission rates in newly built and renovated buildings, and the influence of ventilation – a review and meta-analysis

Holøs, Sverre Bjørn, Yang, Aileen, Lind, Merethe, Thunshelle, Kari, Schild, Peter, Mysen, Mads (Taylor & Francis 2018-02-20)

Parametric Study of a Vertically Configured Ground Source Heat Pump System

Madessa, Habtamu Bayera, Berre, Torgeir, Bye, Pål Fredrik Skotheim, Abrahamsen, Erlend (Elsevier 2017)

Enhancing learning outcomes by introducing BIM in civil engineering studies – experiences from a university college in Norway

Lassen, Ann Karina, Hjelseth, Eilif, Tollnes, Tor (WIT Press 2018)

BIM understanding and activities

Hjelseth, Eilif (WIT Press 2017)

Design and innovation with problem based learning methods: An engineering perspective

Mirtaheri, Peyman, Sponheim, Nils (The Design Society 2017)

Assessment and monitoring of aesthetic appearance of building biomaterials during the service life

Sandak, Anna, Sandak, Jakub, Dimitriou, Athanasios, Burud, Ingunn, Thiis, Thomas Kringlebotn, Gobakken, Lone, Ormondroyd, Graham Alan, Kraniotis, Dimitrios (WIT Press 2017)

Thermal Performance of an Office Cubicle Integrated with a Bio-based PCM: Experimental Analyses

Vik, Tor Arvid, Madessa, Habtamu Bayera, Aslaksrud, Petter, Folkedal, Eirik, Øvrevik, Ottar S. (Elsevier 2017)

Stakeholder perspectives and information exchange in AEC projects

Meistad, Torill, Støre-Valen, Marit, Knotten, Vegard, Hosseini, Ali, Klakegg, Ole Jonny, Mejlænder-Larsen, Øystein, Hjelseth, Eilif, Svalestuen, Fredrik, Lædre, Ola, Hansen, Geir Karsten, Lohne, Jardar (Routledge 2017)

Critical review of implementation of sustainability in higher education

Hjelseth, Eilif (The Design Society 2017)

The effect of reinforcement corrosion on the structural behaviour of prestressed bridges in the Norwegian coastal regions

Paciorek, Magda, Kanstad, Terje, Hendriks, Max, Kioumarsi, Mahdi, Markeset, Gro (Norsk Betongforening 2017)

Challenges related to structural modelling and assessment of concrete structures affected by alkali-silica reactions

Kongshaug, Simen Sørgaard, Kanstad, Terje, Hendriks, Max, Kioumarsi, Mahdi, Markeset, Gro (Norsk Betongforening 2017)

Application of response surface method (RSM) on sensitivity analysis of reinforced concrete bridge pier wall

Hooshmandi, Sheida, Kioumarsi, Benyamin, Kioumarsi, Mahdi, Hajmohammadian Baghban, Mohammad (Norsk Betongforening 2017)

Reasons to the low use of self-consolidating concrete in Norway

Fremmergård, Øyvind, Fjærestrand, Mats, Hjelseth, Simen Michael Dilling, Lassen, Ann Karina, Kioumarsi, Mahdi (Norsk Betongforening 2017)

Literature review of masonry structures under earthquake excitation utilizing machine learning algorithms

Plevris, Vagelis, Bakas, Nikos, Markeset, Gro, Bellos, John (European Community on Computional Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) 2017)

Inefficiencies in Norwegian Small-scale Construction, or the Problem of too Long Trucks?

Eivindson, Espen, Innvær, Berner Elias, Kolberg, Elisabeth, Merschbrock, Christoph, Rolfsen, Christian Nordahl (Elsevier 2017)

Changing Areas, Spaces and Places in Kindergartens for More Playing, Learning and Exploration

Fønnebø, Bente, Rolfsen, Christian Nordahl (ETEN - European Teacher Education Network and Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo 2017)