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Getting Behind the Walls and Fences: Methodological Considerations of Gaining Access to Middle-class Women in Urban India

Waldrop, Anne, Egden, Sissel (Taylor & Francis (Routledge) 2018-04-27)

Exploring a third space for sustainable educational development-HIV/AIDS prevention, Zambia

Carm, Ellen (MDPI 2018-03-23)

The Lamer Social Competence in Preschool scale (LSCIP): Structural validity in a large Norwegian community sample

Zachrisson, Henrik Daae, Janson, Harald, Lamer, Kari (Taylor & Francis 2018-02-01)

Power theories in political ecology

Svarstad, Hanne, Benjaminsen, Tor A, Overå, Ragnhild (University of Arizona Libraries 2018)

South African Science Teachers’ Strategies for Integrating  Indigenous and Western Knowledges in Their Classes: Practical  Lessons in Decolonisation

Seehawer, Maren (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Faculty of Education 2018-06)

The Double Meaning Making of the Term Cultural Diversity in Teacher Educator Discourses

Fylkesnes, Sandra, Mausethagen, Sølvi, Nilsen, Anne Birgitta (Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

REDD og norsk klimakolonialisme i Tanzania

Benjaminsen, Tor A, Svarstad, Hanne (Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2018-04)

Decolonising Methodology: Who Benefits From Indigenous Knowledge Research?

Keane, Moyra, Khupe, Constance, Seehawer, Maren (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University 2017)

Frantz Fanon: Hvor kommer de gode teoriene fra? - Om frigjøringskamp, radikal empati, revolusjonær humanisme og avkolonisering av samfunnsteorier

Eriksen, Tore Linné (Aschehoug 2017)

Nordic discourses on marginalisation through education

Pihl, Joron, Holm, Gunilla, Riitaoja, Anna-Leena, Jón Ingvar, Kjaran, Carlson, Marie (Taylor & Francis Open 2018)

In Transit: Representations of Migration on the Balkan Route. Discourse Analysis of Croatian and Serbian Public Broadcasters (RTS and HRT Online)

Saric, Ljiljana, Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (John Benjamins Publishing 2017)

Realizations and functions of impoliteness in discourse about language and identity in Croatian and Montenegrin media

Saric, Ljiljana, Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (Peter Lang 2017)

“Cyrillic Does Not Kill”: Symbols, Identity, and Memory in Croatian Public Discourse

Saric, Ljiljana, Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (University of Ljubljana 2017)

Keepin’ it in the Family: Cultural relatedness and hip hop constellations in Kampala, Uganda

Schneidermann, Nanna (Suomen Antropologinen Seura 2017)

The portrayal of non-westerners in EFL textbooks in Norway

Thomas, Paul (Cogent OA 2017)

The linguistics in othering: Teacher educators’ talk about cultural diversity

Nilsen, Anne Birgitta, Fylkesnes, Sandra, Mausethagen, Sølvi (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences 2017)

Nothing succeeds like success narratives: a case of conservation and development in the time of REDD

Svarstad, Hanne, Benjaminsen, Tor A (Taylor & Francis 2017)

Interpreting Impoliteness: Interpreters’ Voices

Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana, Saric, Ljiljana (Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus 2017)

The power of ethnography in the public sphere

Kolshus, Thorgeir Storesund ( 2017)

Exploring Semiotic Resources in Sight Translation

Nilsen, Anne Birgitta, Felberg Radanovic, Tatjana (University of Roehampton 2017)