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Muscle Activation in Unilateral Barbell Exercises: Implications for Strength Training and Rehabilitation

Mausehund, Lasse, Skard, Audun Eithun, Krosshaug, Tron (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins 2018-06-01)

The 6-m timed hop test is a prognostic factor for outcomes in patients with meniscal tears treated with exercise therapy or arthroscopic partial meniscectomy: a secondary, exploratory analysis of the Odense–Oslo meniscectomy versus exercise (OMEX) trial

Kise, Nina Jullum, Roos, Ewa M., Stensrud, Silje, Engebretsen, Lars, Risberg, May Arna (Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2018-11-16)

Learning and knowing bodies: Norwegian psychomotor physiotherapists' reflections on embodied knowledge

Ekerholt, Kirsten, Bergland, Astrid (Taylor & Francis 2018-02-02)

“When what is taken for granted disappears”: Women’s experiences and perceptions after a cardiac event

Hellem, Elisabet, Bruusgaard, Kari A. (Taylor & Francis 2018)

Everyday life in older men living alone – a complexview needing a biopsychosocial perspective

von Heideken Vågert, Petra, Nygård, Susanne, Cederbom, Sara (Taylor & Francis 2018-07-16)

Aging and exercise: Perceptions of the active lived-body

Fougner, Marit, Bergland, Astrid, Lund, Anne, Debesay, Jonas (Taylor & Francis 2018-03-30)

Profile of upper limb recovery and development of secondary impairments in patients after stroke with disabled upper limb. An observational study

Ada, Louise, Preston, Elisabeth, Langhammer, Birgitta, Canning, Colleen (Taylor & Francis 2018-06-11)

Physical activity in pregnancy and postpartum depressive symptoms in a multiethnic cohort

Shakeel, Nilam, Richardsen, Kåre Rønn, Martinsen, Egil Wilhelm, Eberhard-Gran, Malin, Slinning, Kari, Jenum, Anne Karen (Elsevier 2018-04-23)

Perspektiver på kropp i kroppsøvingsfaget i skolen og i faglærerutdanningen i kroppsøving.

Moen, Kjersti Mordal, Rugseth, Gro (Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2018)

Ageing and exercise: building body capital in old age

Bergland, Astrid, Fougner, Marit, Lund, Anne, Debesay, Jonas (BMC 2018-04-28)

Between art therapy and disability aesthetics: a sociological approach for understanding the intersection between art practice and disability discourse

Koren Solvang, Per (Taylor & Francis 2017-06-06)

Effect of a resistance and balance exercise programme for women with osteoporosis and vertebral fracture: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Stanghelle, Brita, Bentzen, Hege, Giangregorio, Lora, Pripp, Are Hugo, Bergland, Astrid (BMC 2018-04-03)

Adherence to a Long-Term Physical Activity and Exercise Program After Stroke Applied in a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Gunnes, Mari, Langhammer, Birgitta, Aamot, Inger Lise, Lydersen, Stian, Ihle-Hansen, Hege, Indredavik, Bent, Reneflot, Kristine Helen, Schroeter, Walburga, Askim, Torunn (Oxford University Press 2018-10-17)

Return to work after specialized rehabilitation-An explorative longitudinal study in a cohort of severely disabled persons with stroke in seven countries: The Sunnaas International Network stroke study.

Langhammer, Birgitta, Sunnerhagen, Katharina Stibrant, Sällström, susanne, Becker, Frank, Stanghelle, Johan K (Wiley Open Access 2018-07-18)

Return to pivoting sport after ACL reconstruction: association with osteoarthritis and knee function at the 15-year follow-up

Øiestad, Britt Elin, Holm, Inger, Risberg, May Arna (BMJ Publishing Group 2018-03-17)

Emotional distress was associated withpersistent shoulder pain afterphysiotherapy: a prospective cohort study

Smedbråten, Kaja, Øiestad, Britt Elin, Røe, Yngve (BMC 2018-08-22)

Prevalence of knee osteoarthritis features on magnetic resonance imaging in asymptomatic uninjured adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Culvenor, Adam G., Øiestad, Britt Elin, Hart, Harvi F., Stefanik, Joshua J., Guermazi, Ali, Crossley, Kay M. (BMJ Publishing Group 2018-06-09)

Thresholds in the relationship of quadriceps strength with functional limitations in women with knee osteoarthritis

Bacon, Kathryn, Segal, Neil A., Øiestad, Britt Elin, Lewis, Cara, Nevitt, Michael, Brown, Carrie, LaValley, Michael, McCulloch, CE, Felson, David T (Wiley 2018-08-29)

Concurrent change in quadriceps strength and physical function over 5 years in The Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study.

Bacon, Kathryn, Segal, Neil A., Øiestad, Britt Elin, Lewis, Cara, Nevitt, Michael, Brown, Carrie, Felson, David T. (Wiley 2018-09-17)

Approaches to studying – associations with learning conceptions and preferences for teaching

Carstensen, Tove, Ødegaard, Nina Bjerketveit, Bonsaksen, Tore (Cogent OA 2018-05-30)