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Perspektiver på kropp i kroppsøvingsfaget i skolen og i faglærerutdanningen i kroppsøving.

Moen, Kjersti Mordal, Rugseth, Gro (Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2018)

Between art therapy and disability aesthetics: a sociological approach for understanding the intersection between art practice and disability discourse

Koren Solvang, Per (Taylor & Francis 2017-06-06)

Adherence to a Long-Term Physical Activity and Exercise Program After Stroke Applied in a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Gunnes, Mari, Langhammer, Birgitta, Aamot, Inger Lise, Lydersen, Stian, Ihle-Hansen, Hege, Indredavik, Bent, Reneflot, Kristine Helen, Schroeter, Walburga, Askim, Torunn (Oxford University Press 2018-10-17)

Concurrent change in quadriceps strength and physical function over 5 years in The Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study.

Bacon, Kathryn, Segal, Neil A., Øiestad, Britt Elin, Lewis, Cara, Nevitt, Michael, Brown, Carrie, Felson, David T. (Wiley 2018-09-17)

Approaches to studying – associations with learning conceptions and preferences for teaching

Carstensen, Tove, Ødegaard, Nina Bjerketveit, Bonsaksen, Tore (Cogent OA 2018-05-30)

Associations between health-related quality of life, physical function and fear of falling in older fallers receiving home care

Bjerk, Maria, Brovold, Therese, Skelton, Dawn A, Bergland, Astrid (BMC 2018)

Being present with the patient : a critical investigation of bodily sensitivity and presence in the field of physiotherapy.

Engelsrud, Gunn, Øien, Ingvil, Nordtug, Birgit (Taylor & Francis 2018-04-12)

Phenomenology of Professional Practices in Education and Health Care: An Empirical Investigation

Bjorbærkmo, Wenche Schrøder, Evensen, Kristin Vindhol, Groven, Karen Synne, Rugseth, Gro, Standal, Øyvind Førland (University of Alberta 2018)

Effects of a conductive education course in young children with cerebral palsy: A randomized controlled trial

Myrhaug, Hilde Tinderholt, Odgaard-Jensen, Jan, Østensjø, Sigrid, Vøllestad, Nina Køpke, Jahnsen, Reidun Birgitta (Taylor and Francis 2017-08-17)

A tonic heat test stimulus yields a larger and more reliable conditioned pain modulation effect compared to a phasic heat test stimulus

Lie, Marie, Matre, Dagfinn, Hansson, Per, Stubhaug, Audun, Zwart, John-Anker, Nilsen, Kristian Bernhard (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins 2017-11)

Return to pivoting sport after ACL reconstruction: association with osteoarthritis and knee function at the 15-year follow-up

Øiestad, Britt Elin, Holm, Inger, Risberg, May Arna (BMJ Publishing Group 2018-03-17)

Practicing physical activity following weight-loss surgery: The significance of joy, satisfaction and well-being

Groven, Karen Synne, Råheim, Målfrid, Natvik, Eli (NISC (Pty) Ltd 2017-11)

Associations between physical function and depression in nursing home residents with mild and moderate dementia: a cross-sectional study

Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee, Bergland, Astrid, Telenius, Elisabeth Wiken (BMJ Publishing Group 2017-07-20)

The effects of habitual functional training on physical functioning in patients after hip fracture: The protocol of the HIPFRAC study

Heiberg, Kristi Elisabeth, Bruun-Olsen, Vigdis, Bergland, Astrid (BioMed Central 2017-01-17)

Associations between physical function and depression in nursing home residents with mild and moderate dementia: a cross-sectional study

Hartford Kvæl, Linda Aimee, Bergland, Astrid, Telenius, Elisabeth Wiken (BMJ Publishing Group 2017)

Norwegian reference values for the Short-Form Health Survey 36: development over time

Jacobsen, Ellisiv Lærum, Bye, Asta, Aass, Nina Kathrine, Fosså, Sophie Dorothea, Grotmol, Kjersti Støen, Kaasa, Stein, Loge, Jon Håvard, Moum, Torbjørn Åge, Hjermstad, Marianne Jensen (Springer Verlag 2017)

The importance of parkinsonian signs for gait and balance in patients with Alzheimer's disease of mild degree.

Tangen, Gro Gujord, Bergland, Astrid, Engedal, Knut, Mengshoel, Anne Marit (Elsevier 2017)

Effect of one-year combined program of supervised resistance training and home based training on strength and functional capacities of a 70-year old patient diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. A case report

Gjøvaag, Terje, Sylliaas, Hilde (Libertas Academica 2017)

Antibiotic treatment In patients with chronic low back pain and Modic changes (the AIM study): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.

Storheim, Kjersti, Espeland, Ansgar, Grøvle, Lars, Skouen, Jan Sture, Assmus, Jörg, Anke, Audny, Froholdt, Anne, Pedersen, LM, Haugen, AJ, Fors, Terese, Schistad, Ellina Iordanova, Lutro, Olav, Marchand, Gunn Hege, Kadar, Thomas, Vetti, Nils, Randen, Solfrid, Nygaard, Øystein Petter, Brox, Jens Ivar, Grotle, Margreth, Zwart, JA (BioMed Central 2017)

Using narrative perspectives in the clinical setting of physiotherapy. Why and how?

Ahlsen, Birgitte, Solbrække, Kari Nyheim (Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2018)