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Interaction Between Standardisation and Research: A Case Study

Hoel, Tore, Chen, Weiqin (IGI Global 2018)

Are Norwegian academic librarians ready to share usage data for learning analytics?

Hoel, Tore, Chen, Weiqin, Gregersen, Anne-Berit (Bergen Open Access Publishing 2018)

Writing and Risk: Magic, Occult, Exorcisms

Muir, Tom (Coventry University 2018)

Digital assessment – how does it challenge local practices and national law? A Norwegian case study

Raaheim, Arild, Mathiassen, Ketil, Moen, Vegard, Lona, Irene, Gynnild, Vidar, Bunæs, Bente Ringlund, Hasle, Emil Trygve (Taylor and Francis 2018-11-02)

Interaction between Standardisation and Research in Drafting an International Specification on Learning Analytics

Hoel, Tore, Chen, Weiqin (Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education 2017)

From Democratic Consultation to User-employment: Shifting Institutional Embedding of Citizen Involvement in Health and Social Care

Andreassen, Tone Alm (Cambridge University Press 2018-01)

Three Views of a Secret: The "Mønsterlig"

Muir, Tom (Københavns Universitet, Sociologisk Institut, Koordinationen for Kønsforskning 2017)

På stø kurs inn i akademia?

Jonsmoen, Kari Mari, Greek, Marit (Novus forlag 2017)

Effects of school-based educational interventions for enhancing adolescents' abilities in critical appraisal of health claims: a systematic review

Nordheim, Lena Victoria, Gundersen, Malene Wøhlk, Espehaug, Birgitte, Guttersrud, Øystein, Flottorp, Signe (Public Library of Science 2016)

Retorisk rekonstruksjon av politisk diskurs

Sandvik, Margareth (Retorikforlaget 2014)

Digital storytelling as poetic reflection in Occupational therapy education: An empirical study

Skarpaas, Lisebet Skeie, Jamissen, Grete, Krüger, Cecilie, Holmberg, Vigdis, Hardy, Pip (Western Michigan University 2016)

Lecturers' text competencies and guidance towards academic literacy

Greek, Marit, Jonsmoen, Kari Mari (Taylor & Francis 2016-05-24)

Co-teaching in information literacy during work placements: the librarian's role

Kolstad, Anett Kristin (LIBER 2015-12-04)

Erfaringer med studentaktive læringsformer i teknologirikt undervisningsrom

Komulainen, Tiina M., Lindstrøm, Christine, Sandtrø, Tengel Aas (Universitetsforlaget 2015)

Sharpness and noise in digital chest radiographs, assessed by visual rating

Ween, Borgny, Jakobsen, Jarl Åsbjørn ( 2015-11-30)

Learning Labs : The New Classroom

Høivik, Helge (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education 2010)

Digital Curation in a Mobile World

Høivik, Jingru, Høivik, Helge (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education 2010)

Digital Course Construction : Learn to Produce - Produce to Learn

Høivik, Helge (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education 2010)

Remediation of print: On the current restructuration of higher education

Høivik, Helge (Hong Kong Bao Long Accounting & Secretarial Limited 2014)

EPUB as Publication Format in Open Access Journals: Tools and Workflow

Eikebrokk, Trude, Dahl, Tor Arne, Kessel, Siri (Code4Lib Journal 2014-04-16)