SAM - Master in International Social Welfare and Health Policy

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Has NCMS improved equity in access to healthcare for the Chinese rural population? - An assessment based on the framework “benchmarks of fairness”

Biao, He (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2019)

The meaning of vaccination. How do parents in India justify a choice no to vaccinate their children?

Thomas, Thejes Thankam (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2019)

Remote Patient Monitoring: The Role of and Impact on the Older Spouse

Stølan, Solveig Bryne Castberg (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2019)

Assistive technology for the elderly population with Dementia in Norway: An approach for a more dementia friendly society

Saikat, Monzur Morshed (OsloMet - Storbyuniversitetet 2019)

Responsiveness of Offshored Clinical Trials among Women in the Philippines

Malundo, Judy Gonzales (OsloMet - Storbyuniversitetet 2019)

Integration and Social Cohesion through Activation: Asian Immigrant Women in the Norwegian Labor Market

Henriksen, Metuselah Mendoza (OsloMet - Storbyuniversitetet 2019)

Access to health care among marginal groups in Lima, Peru

Gonzalez, Mayra Elizabeth Urquizo (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2019)

Challenges facing ophands and vulnerable children in SOS homes. A case study of SOS Children's village, Kumasi-Ghana

Fordjourf, Benjamin Kofi Otieku Minka (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2019)

Immigration and Work Integration of US- Americans in Norway

Boysen, Amanda Erika (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2019)

Micro-Finance: The Implementation Experiences. A case study of Village Bank program implementation in Chongwe District Zambia.

Nalungwe, Ann Mwiche (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

Lithuanian circular migrants’ experiences in wandering between Lithuanian and Norwegian welfare states

Liciute, Evelina (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

The relations between maternal behaviors and school commitment in Turkish immigrant and native children

Köz, Özge Özdemir (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

[‘Impacts on social well-being of women due to the CHHAUPADI tradition (Being untouchable during menstruation) among the women of far western Nepal’] [The case study of the 'CHHAUPADI' tradition (a form of culture based gender discrimination) in Achham district, Far Western Region, Nepal]

Kc, Sarjana (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

ICT and Primary Health Care in Germany: Patterns of Innovation Adoption and Dissemination

Kasmamytov, Dastan (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2017)

Silent Labour: Expressions and management of labour pain in Fort Portal, Uganda.

Jansen Vieira, Mariana (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

A Study of the Effectiveness of the legal system in dealing with child abuse cases- The family Perspective.

Phiri, Rabson Kamusekani (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

Alcohol intoxication among adolescents from the ecological theory of human development perspective: A quantitative study on Norway and US

Park, Sohlbin (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

Family Planning Services in Rural Areas of province Punjab, Pakistan

Obaid, Anum (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

Cross sectional study comparing the Quality of Life, Academic stress, Ethnic identification and Alcohol use of Norwegian and international students and examining the relationship between these variables

Hadi, Mohammad Owais (OsloMet - Storbyuniversitetet 2018)

Neighborhood Nature: A Quantitative study on the links between Neighborhood Greenspace and Mental Health in the Adolescents of Oslo

Europa, Ryan (OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)